Estate Planning Transition Services (“EPTS”)

  • TheoPacific’s EPTS platform was designed to assist Trusts, Family Office & High Net Worth investor clients with Business, Commercial (office, retail & industrial) and Multi-Family Apartment real estate portfolios
  • Our EPTS platform works in concert with a client’s CPA, Real Estate and/or Trust & Estate Planning Attorneys.
  • Our trademark “EPTS” platform focuses on implementing asset management, property management, acquisition/disposition advice and accounting/budgeting services for its clients as they transition real estate to the next generation.
  • We take a macro/micro view of the Client’s portfolio needs and tailor a program that matches its near-term, as well as long-term financial and estate planning goals (including implementation of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges).
  • Our EPTS team works in lockstep with its client’s CPA, Trust & Estate/Real Estate attorney and internal financial team to provide value-add management services (both asset and property), while providing monthly, quarterly and annual financial and accounting services for each property within the portfolio.
  • Our EPTS platform is a natural extension of our existing breadth of services for both our own as well as our client portfolios.